Century Series Windows


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Regardless of the harsh climatic conditions (wind, rain, cold or heat), the multiroom system these windows provides the best protection and the best comfort ever.

This remarkable performance is the result of attention to detail on product quality and manufacture without compromise, using a powder uPVC 100% virgin, thus constituting the thickest walls of the industry.



Make your choice of Century Series Windows:


 Casement / awning windows with intergrated brickmold

fenetre battant p   fenetre auvent p
Casement   Awning


A point-by-point checklistcoupe century battant auvent en p

  1. Multi-chamber system resists warping even in extreme conditions
  2. Integrated brickmold
  3. Stylish sash for aesthetic appeal
  4. Fusion-welded corners seal out water and wind
  5. Integrated brickmold and nailing fin
  6. Multiple-layer weather stripping
  7. Weather stripping




Single-hung / single-slider with intergrated brickmold


fenetre guillotine simple p   fenetre coulissant simple p


A point-by-point checklistcoupe century guillotine coulissant simple en p

  1. Fusion-welded corners seal out water and wind
  2. Integrated brickmold and nailing fin
  3. Multiple-layerweather stripping
  4. Multi-chamber system resists warping even in extreme conditions






Additional features

  • An integrated brickmold cuts down on installationtime, guarantees a perfect fit and prevents water infiltration in the walls
  • Can be installed as structural windows
  • Durability and elegance add value to any home
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Convenient operating panels allow easy cleaning from inside
  • Multipoint locking system for extra protection are standard
  • Sashes readily accept a wide range of energy-smart glass options (single, double or triple)
  • Rigorous performance testing ensures years of trouble-free operation


Optional accessories

Interior finish

finition interieur 3 pouce fr p finition interieur 2 pouce et demi fr p


Freedom of choice for your home

Casement and awning

choix battant auvent century g

Single-hung and single-slider


 choix guillotine coulissant century g



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