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Lower glass replacement rates

Products made with MBF frames are reputed to have one of the lowest glass replacement rates in the market. Our frames are designed to do a better job protecting and supporting glass. Thermal durability is maximized and the chance of delamination reduced.

Extra-strong joins

perf soudure fr pUnlike wood or aluminum window frames, PVC profiles are welded, and since MBF designs have more internal walls, their joins are extrastrong. Our products pass the strictest forced entry and structural tests with flying colors. They have received some of the highest ratings awarded by the AAMA. (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

Reliable and responsible pvc

PVC used in MBF products is the world’s most researched and thoroughly tested plastic. You can rest easy knowing you’re protected by reliable, responsibly manufactured windows and doors.

perf competition vs mbf pMaintenance-free

MBF vinyl windows and doors are practically maintenance-free. Frames stay clean with almost no effort—wash them with a soft cloth or brush, or let a heavy rain do the job! Never paint or stain again!

Unique resistance to color change

perf vieillissement fr pMBF’s exclusive PVC formula stands up to UV rays. It’s proven at least twice as resistant to color change as the competition’s PVC. Your door or window frames won’t yellow, bleach, or fade.

The sound of silence

MBF doors and windows feature multichamber profiles and multiple weatherstripping eliminating most outside noise.

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Custom Services

With Menuiserie Basque, you can receive a free professional estimate by a representative that will be able to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed choice.

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Quality Manufacturing

In business for over 150 years, Menuiserie Basque has developed expertise and know-how based on the quality of its product and innovation. With advanced materials and techniques that have been proven, we offer you the very best on doors and windows.

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